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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Where are you seeing someone doing dips every day. If they are if say it's overkill.
Nah, never see people doing it. I've just heard it's one of those exercises, like pushups and pullups you can do everyday.

Originally Posted by wallyworld View Post
it depends. If you can knock out a good 15-20 dips easy fatigue or not I would saw you could actually help your chest recover by doing maybe 3 sets of 5 dips everyday. This load shouldnt be taxing and it will induce blood flow into your muscles helping get that lactic acid out.

if dips are fairly difficult then Id stick to doing them as accessory work on your bench days.
Yeah I can't do my bodyweight over 10 times, or maybe I don't try to push it that hard, or get sloppy.

First set shoulder was feeling it so I walked away and came back later and it was feeling better.

Leaning forward a bit works more chest, while staying straight up and down works more triceps?
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