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Originally Posted by wallyworld View Post
wut. Sure dips like many other exercises can cause injuries in your joints but that doesnt mean they are bad for you. Ppl get injured from these good exercises cause they walk in with their ego on their forehand, go gun ho thinking they can lift the weight of the world, f*ck their shoulder up and then blame the exercise.

Maybe im misinterpreting what you are saying but i do know one thing and its dips are not bad.
Not sure how you can know that dips aren't bad for you, unless you are some kind of sports therapist. Aside from shoulder impingement and the fact that you basically can stretch your long and short head of your biceps tendon, as well as it being the source of labrum tears. Like I said, just my opinion. But I've had shoulder problems from baseball all of my life. Take it with a grain of salt. Just should make sure your rotator cuff and scapulae are strong enough to handle it
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