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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
My car, now at 70K something miles, is zipping along just dandy.

I'm wondering what the future for the poor devil is? The car is receiving excellent care and plenty-O-new parts. The killer question is - can I keep it and plan to tear around when she hits the dreaded 200K mark with a fresh engine and trans? I really dislike E90's.

I've never read anything where guys have a complete engine rebuild. I know there are no German engine builders in my zip code. I think the cylinders are Nickosel treated and when worn, are probably scrap? Can these 6-banger's be steel sleeved?

This whole thing came from a stupid Craig's list ad I spotted. Some guy, who I intend to check out, is selling the complete engine and auto trans out of his '04. He claims " we are just making it chevy powered"!! I never imagined that's even possible.

My thought was along the lines of buying the old engine and having it rebuilt for the future. The after-thought is, maybe the seller is on the right track as the cost of rebuilding may be so ridiculous, "I could'a had a V-8"?

Edit: Here's the ad:
All the **** talkin on my thread about mods and coming from the guy who put a Chevy engine in his bimmer I've seen it all
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