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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
But we KNOW that there is a net liability having an open border. Drug trade, illegals incarceration levels, etc... I know you are a great addition to our nation but you can't let your own circumstance cloud your judgement on the larger issue.... furthermore, even if you were to propose that mexicans (which is what we're largely talking about) aren't a net liability, their ability to easily cross the border poses obvious dangers to national security in an ever threatened world of muslim extremists.
Those are fairly weak arguments. The drug trade and illegal incarceration levels are a function of the Controlled Substances Act (aka the War on Drugs). You could end about 90% of it if you legalized marijuana and cocaine.

If you look at net migration of illegal immigrants, it has plummeted to zero since the recession simply because the economy sucks. The reality is we have tens of thousands of miles of coastline and land borders. There is no way we can track everybody coming in and out of the country, especially if they are intent on coming in illegally.

By introducing a guest worker visa (which can be convertible to an immigrant visa) program, it ensures that all illegal migrants who come to this country seeking a better life through hard work will now come through illegal channels. That makes unauthorized border crossings more suspicious and more worthy of investigation.

My personal feelings toward immigration are undoubtedly positive. But from a economical point of view, immigration is a net plus. And I'm all about the economy. The only reason I feel the need to bring in my own personal situation is because of people who say "well I'm sure all the LEGAL immigrants are furious that these Mexicans cut the line!".

Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Anyhow, cows and people are not in the same category. A cow can not leach off the social system for it's life and give nothing in return. A cow is not required to pay taxes because it does not benefit from social services that the government provides. At least a cow at one point or another provides milk or goes to the slaughterhouse and gives back to those that spent time and money upbringing it. I understand your point though.
Young workers, which is the overwhelming demographic that most of these illegal immigrants are part of, are not net drains on society's resources. An overwhelming percentage of government transfer payments go towards old people.

Europe is imploding because its workers are retiring faster than it can make new ones. The only reason why the US isn't in nearly as bad of shape is because of immigration, both legal and illegal.

Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Take your emotions out of this. Life isn't fair as resdeq always says. Be grateful you live in the greatest nation in the world.

If you want to enter this country, step in line like everybody else. My grandparents did, it sounds like you did it, and countless other people.
There are 3 major periods of immigration in the US. From the founding of the Republic to immediately after WWI, there was an unrestricted immigration policy. Anybody who showed up was let in, essentially. Except for the Chinese, via the Chinese Exclusion Act, something that wasn't repealed until the 1940s.

From immediately after WWI (early 20s) to 1965, there was the national origins immigration system, which drastically limited legal immigration to those from "white" countries. And then from 1965 onward, after passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act, we have our current system.

Did your grandparents come here before the 1920s? Congratulations, they migrated during a period where official immigration policy was unrestricted. There was no "line".

Did they come here between 1920 and 1965 and were white? Congratulations, they migrated during a period where official immigration policy was favored for those of white European descent. They got to cut the "line".

In our modern day immigration system, there is no "line". Or at least, if there is a "line", even getting into the "line" is heavily restricted and only possible if you're rich, a celebrity, a proven genius, smart enough so that an S&P 500 company is willing to sponsor you, or have family in the US. If you don't fall into any of those categories, it is impossible to get into the "line".

It is infuriating for those people who know how the system actually works. And I haven't found a person defending the immigration status quo who wasn't either prejudiced, ignorant, or just plain unintelligent.
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