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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post

By introducing a guest worker visa (which can be convertible to an immigrant visa) program, it ensures that all illegal migrants who come to this country seeking a better life through hard work will now come through illegal channels. That makes unauthorized border crossings more suspicious and more worthy of investigation.
This is a good solution, but we need to create a second class of rights that is not equal to citizenship/LPR, but is perpetual. The current path is visa/LPR/USC, but its not appropriate for everyone.

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
In our modern day immigration system, there is no "line". Or at least, if there is a "line", even getting into the "line" is heavily restricted and only possible if you're rich, a celebrity, a proven genius, smart enough so that an S&P 500 company is willing to sponsor you, or have family in the US. If you don't fall into any of those categories, it is impossible to get into the "line".

It is infuriating for those people who know how the system actually works. And I haven't found a person defending the immigration status quo who wasn't either prejudiced, ignorant, or just plain unintelligent.
This is just a sensational "chase" argument. Are you referring to H or L visas? if so, its perfectly reasonable for average workers to be sponsored and get a green card without having multi-million dollar legal fees.

Source: I have personally filed successful green card applications from visa to LPR for companies that employ 20-30 net income of only a few million a year.
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