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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
This is a good solution, but we need to create a second class of rights that is not equal to citizenship/LPR, but is perpetual. The current path is visa/LPR/USC, but its not appropriate for everyone.
So you want a class of legal permanent residents that can't transition to citizenship? What purpose would this serve, exactly?

This is just a sensational "chase" argument. Are you referring to H or L visas? if so, its perfectly reasonable for average workers to be sponsored and get a green card without having multi-million dollar legal fees.

Source: I have personally filed successful green card applications from visa to LPR for companies that employ 20-30 net income of only a few million a year.
H-1B visas are expensive to file for and expensive to go through compliance. Most companies are looking at 10k+ in total costs. Employers who sponsor H1Bs reserve those for highly technical and specialized roles. You're not going to hire an HR generalist on an H1B.

L visas are also company specific. It has to specifically fit the needs of that company. And a company won't be willing to transfer one of its employees overseas to stateside and keep them here unless there is a compelling business case to do so. Most companies that file for L-1 and H-1B visas are huge multinational firms that can afford to do so.
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