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You seem to think we care about what you do to your car...we don't. We care that you make comments and insults like you're doing now and attacking people who have been on this forum and learned everything they know about this car through experience and reading.

No one is stopping you from putting clear lights or a CF trunk because no one cares but when you come out like a jackass and start insulting people, they tend to fight back. If I made a thread asking what oil to use, I fully expect to get flamed but when asked to search, a simple "ok, I'll see what I can find" would do just fine.

On top of that, we're all car fans and there's nothing car fans like more than sleepers. No one wants to take their stock motor out of their car while it works, WK was commenting on doing this when his engine failed.

How long have you had this car? Don't talk about being a fan of German engineering until you've owned and worked on your car for several years and tens of thousands of miles.
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