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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
So you want a class of legal permanent residents that can't transition to citizenship? What purpose would this serve, exactly?
A class of workers that feel free to change jobs, live and work in the US, but do not get medicare/medicaid, voting rights, etc.

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
H-1B visas are expensive to file for and expensive to go through compliance. Most companies are looking at 10k+ in total costs. Employers who sponsor H1Bs reserve those for highly technical and specialized roles. You're not going to hire an HR generalist on an H1B.

L visas are also company specific. It has to specifically fit the needs of that company. And a company won't be willing to transfer one of its employees overseas to stateside and keep them here unless there is a compelling business case to do so. Most companies that file for L-1 and H-1B visas are huge multinational firms that can afford to do so.

Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post

As a huge multinational firm (Global Fortune 500) we do sponsor a lot of individuals for H-1B visas. But 99% of them are engineers who have skillsets that we cannot easily hire locally due to a talent supply shortage.

However, the cost is anywhere between $10,000 - $15,000. And we have a dedicated law firm handling all our US cases.

Unless you've got something that cannot be easily had you're not getting sponsored.

Edit: on a related note... there are only a certain number of H-1 visas issued each year and the quota for candidates is almost met already.
You both are so wrong it burns my brain. Yes its true that some H1bs fit this category you are talking about, it does not describe most of the tens of thousands of H1b workers.

I have personally filed dozens of H1bs without incurring a total cost of $15,000.

Base filing fee ($325)
American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 (ACWIA) fee
Small Company ($750)
Large Company ($1500)
Fraud Prevention and Detection fee ($500)
Public Law 111-230 (Special Fee $2000) Only applicable if more than 50 employees

H1B Visa Cost Small Company

For small companies (less than 25 Full time employees, cost of H1B visa application $1575 + Attorney fees for H1B.

H1B Visa Cost Large Company

For large companies (more than 25 Full time employees, cost of H1B visa application $2325 + Attorney fees for H1B. Optional additional fees to USCIS for Premium Processing.

H1B Visa Attorney fees can be $800 or $2500. It all depends on the Immigration attorney and firm.

Typically small firm Immigration Attorney Fees will be less expensive.
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