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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
As others said, your paint needs to be as smooth as glass otherwise all the wax in the world won't help you. start with a clean slate. this means clay and polish first before wax. you might want to pay a professional to do this especially since your car is red (it looks faded in the pic you have as your sig as red paint tends to turn pink if not looked after).you can spend hundreds on equipment alone.
Yupp. My last job was an automotive detailer for 5 years before I got sick of the bullshit with the company and blew their lies and exploitative practices wide open for everyone to see. Then they fired me. Capitalist oppression FTW?

Anywys. Yeah you need to clay your shizz first to get all the contaminants out of the paint that washing alone can't remove. Then the wax, and then your car will be shiny and silky "schmoove" as we used to say in the shop. Red is a pretty forgiving paint color. Even just a wax makes red cars look a lot better and they glow with a good buff. I love red BMW's. Try a small spot on your car to see how it looks. Just pick a spot that you don't really notice and try some clay on it and then a decent wax and see what it does for the paint. It's hard to tell the condition of your paint just from one pic, though.

And E46Mango, that wax is really good stuff if it still beads like that after two months.
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