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Originally Posted by glhx View Post
the arm scratched my windshield. Deep scratch

STEEL WOOL TOOK OUT THE SCRATCH. It also polished my windshield.

I have done this before on other cars. Works every time. It doesn't scratch the windshield.
I've used 0000 steel wool on auto glass for years. It is sort of like clay for glass: it strips off everything from the surface of the glass, leaving it smooth and, as long as it isn't abraded, nearly invisible. It is used dry, with nothing else, on dry glass. Do not use SOS or Brillo. The link in the above post is how I get mine. BTW, 8 pads will last forever for one car.

Seems to work better than chemical-based cleaners such as Windex, vinegar+water, or Invisible Glass. (IN fact, the first time I used steel wool, cleaning with Invisible Glass was a prep step.) There is never any smearing or streaking and it can be used just as easily on hot glass or cold. No need for paper towels, newspaper, or MF cloths. It does take a bit of time the first time you use it: there are likely years of build-up on the glass. But as long as you keep up with it, it is pretty quick thereafter.

I have not, however, found that it removes scratches. To be able to do that, it would have to scratch the glass itself. It does not do that. What is may have done, is remove deposits that the arm left, or cleared away deposits on either side of the track that the arm left (or some combination).
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