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Looks like I never posted the update. Sorry about that.

The Blitzsafe guys gave me a warranty replacement although they didn't have to. Huge thumbs up for that! Would buy again now.

The broken CD player in the BMW radio re-activated itself after I had won an auction for a cheapish pre-line-in business CD radio. I now keep the new one in reach in case the old one screws up again.

So I'm back to having line-in (via the trunk and blitzsafe) and CD at the cost of buying a radio but not having to put it in

I have heard more claims that the Kenwood will fit but I am sure that it didn't for me, unless I would have been willing to not use the harness, and to not use the RCA output plugs. I didn't try radio speaker out to amp in before I had returned the Kenwood but I didn't like the Kenwood anyway. I hadn't noticed before but apparently they merged with JVC and now make JVC junk under two names.

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