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Multi-vitamin will help absorption of the calcium and boron that help with bone building. Other things like vitamin K also assist with bone healing. I have a list somewhere from when I did some research....

Basically, in addition to the multi-vitamin, get a calcium tablet such as:

and this is the multi-vitamin that I'm using:

they are both high potency - the multi helps with minerals and other supplements which assist with absorption of the calcium tablets.

Also add dark green leafy vegetables to your diet e.g. spinach. I'll find some info that I was reading and send it over to you.

For me, I can say that changing my diet and adding the supplements worked. I am back on my feet and wore both my shoes for the first time in 5 weeks 2 days ago and it felt great to stand straight again. I'm not 100% yet because now there is muscular pain and degradation to recover from, but I'm happy with what I've done and how I'm feeling so far. Still not working my foot to the fullest yet but not far off either.

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