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Voting Rights Act Decision

I'm in the states' rights camp on this argument. The era of Jim Crow is over. And the "voter suppression" charges that Democrats love to accuse the Republicans of doing is a shadow of a sliver compared to the actual institutional segregation of the South in the 60s that legitimately prevented blacks from voting.

The fact that current Federal statute explicitly treats certain states and municipalities as inferior (which once again underscores the futility of the "equal protection" clause of the 14th Amendment) due to a history of racism is pretty outrageous. It's comparable to the EU forcing Germany to pay a "Holocaust tax" due to Hitler and Nazi Germany's barbaric actions 70 years ago (fictional example).

On legal grounds, I think it would be judicial activism if the Supreme Court struck down certain sections of the Voting Rights Act, but I think Congress should stop reauthorizing the portions of the Act that require certain jurisdictions to submit their election law and regulations for approval in Federal courts.

Do you guys think we still need that part of the Voting Rights Act?
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