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Originally Posted by Bear77 View Post
So I went to the dealer on Saturday to ask about whether the following issues with my car would be covered by the warranty: leaking VANOS oil line, fault code 296b (post-cat O2 sensors mixed up), and to see if I could be reimbursed for replacing my MAF sensor, MAF sensor boot, and O2 sensors within the past few weeks. I haven't gotten an outright "NO" yet, but the service manager wanted to defer to the warranty specialists who only work during the week. I have an appointment for Wednesday, so more to follow...stay tuned!
UPDATE: Dealer found a bad DME and replaced it under the M56 SULEV Warranty. Thank God, because that's a $2,500 part!

The bad news: I got about 2 miles down the road and my SES light came back on. So back to the dealer on my way home.

As for the VANOS oil line, it looks like I'm on my own for that. East Bay BMW said the list I posted here earlier was comprehensive as far as what they would replace under the warranty. If it's not on the list, they won't cover it.
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