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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
It isn't and I could care less what they do with their own child. It's their child and they can treat them as they see fit.

Having said that, having said child use the same bathroom as my daughter now intrudes into MY rights (my daughters rights specifically)....and THAT I have a problem with.
And just which of your daughters rights is it now intruding on?

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Unisex bathrooms are the answer? So the first time a girl gets raped in the bathroom you'll say what? We need to change the entire bathroom system in this country because of a problem that doesn't exist? How about unisex locker-rooms and showers? Hell, I would have loved that in high school, we had some seriously hot girls in my school. What about malls? Restaurants? Airports? Train stations? All have unisex bathrooms as well?
I quite agree. A problem doesn't exist. People just need to get over what other people are "supposed" to go into which public toilet. As for the question of a girl being raped. Signs that say "girls" on bathroom doors don't stop rapists now, and they never have. What fairy-tale land are you living in.
I grew up in SoCal, the eye candy in my high school would killed most of the "farm boys from the sticks".

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Did you really just say unisex bathrooms are the answer?
Yep, i did. Mostly just to spin people up. .... mostly.

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Also, a 6 year old child cannot be happy with a transgender decision. A 6 year old child cannot appreciate what being transgender means. As for seeking "professional' help, the article is quite vague...likely intentionally. They could have seen a guidance counselor, child psychologist, school psychologist, hypnotist, lawyer, brick mason or rock drummer for all we know.
Not so fast there...the kid can be happy with it. They might not comprehend all the implications of it, that I will agree with. But, you cannot reasonably say what the kid is happy or unhappy with it. Truth is you don't know. The parents don't know. Nobody knows except the kid.

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
You cannot chose to raise your child as transgender. It is not the parent's decision, just like it isn't their decision to raise their child to be gay. I'm pretty sure you believe being gay is not a choice, correct? You're tripping over yourself with logical inconsistencies. I suggest taking a step back, have a glass of wine, and come back with a clear head.
I never said you could. I merely pointed out that according to the article these parents were, and they hypocrisy of people who are saying "I can raise my child BLAH, but, these parents can't be allowed to raise their child as a transgender. It is you who raised the question of child abuse in the article. If you can't chose to raise your child transgender, since it will have no effect. How can it be child abuse. You are using abuse under the definition of "To hurt or injure by maltreatment", are you not? If there is no resulting effect, then there is no abuse.

Perhaps you are the one in need of a step back, a glass of wine, and a clear head.

Frankly, if the kid is happy identifying as a "different gender than the chromosomes say", let him (or her) identify as that gender.

This entire "outrage" is over victorian morays that are just f-in stupid. Were there gender segregated toilets in Shakespeare's time, or at the height of the Roman Empire in the market square? Hell no. A toilet was just a toilet. People went in and did their "business" and whoever was next in line went to the next available spot. No BFD. Then the victorians come along and say "oh no...we can't have the lower classes doing that...it's so unseemly." If you will pardon the expression. What a crock of cr@p!!

Like I said, so many people, so obsessed with other peoples genitals. Its creepy.
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