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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Originally Posted by Miko_10 View Post
so thats how that thing sets up, was looking at that on the site and was trying to figure out how it mounts.

This thread needs a sticky...
Originally Posted by Drewdown View Post
really awesome thread should be stickied
Originally Posted by chris10492 View Post
This is amazing! I'm surprised this is not Sticky'd yet!
Originally Posted by cjccww View Post
wow sticky!

I have some pics i can add from my latest adventures
Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Yep it should be. Funny how a thread about "What did you do to/for your E46 Today" is stickied and something useful like this isn't.
Is it in any way useful to have 530 pages long of people saying they washed their car stickied? As if anyone new is going to read 10 hrs of people washing their car or changing their oil post.
Is something like that an important thread for E46Fanatics to know or learn from or gather information?
Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
it's comical to see that other thread Sticked and something useful to EVERY E46 owner. be they a DIYer or even a novice that takes their car in and what to expect and keep from getting ripped off.
i'm not saying every informative thread be Stickied. but this is certainly more deserving then that other thread. what a joke
Originally Posted by ///MPR77 View Post

OP, great write-up!
Originally Posted by jds400ex View Post
Why is this not a sticky???
Originally Posted by jds400ex View Post
Fair enough. Damn social politics.
Read all of the above from this thread

I may actually add to this thread later today.
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