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Originally Posted by dinan19 View Post
Basically I just wanted to know if it had the stand alone gps navigation which you said it does. Also, since it uses the navigation via sd card, Can you remove the sd card and put in your own sd card with music on it and play the music on the unit from the sd card or will removing the nav sd card make the navigation then not work?
The unit has two SD card slots - one is used by "nav side" (WinCE or Android, depending on version) and the other is "radio side". Usually, people use nav side one for GPS software and the radio side one for music, videos etc. But, if you really really want that, you can use nav side for listening music. You can put (if you have storage space) nav software and music on one SD card. In any case you have to locate nav software executable and choose the correct path to it. The rest of the space you can use for music, in which case you need WinCE/Android music player app. I don't think a lot of people bother with that. Most use "radio side" and its respective SD card slot for MP3 files.

Originally Posted by dinan19 View Post
Does anyone know how much the enco version is without the android features? I emailed szenco but still no response.
Last time I checked, bare price was $320 (no shipping, no paypal fees, no SD card with nav softaware, no backup camera, no fakra cable (if you need one), no customs tax (if you happen to have no luck)). Don't know about US, but shipping to Europe (tracked) is around $80, paypal fees are around 5% (?) (5% x $400 = $20), most of people opt for card with szenco's nav software (probably as a backup, just in case your favourite one doesnt work or you can't make it work) - $10. So, now we are talking $430.
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