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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
This is a side bar for this thread.

Does anyone have any insight into what is the best defense ammo for .380 out there at the moment. I've been thinking of occasionally carrying my ppk as a pocket gun lately and I'm not sure what I want to put in it.

I had Federal Hydra-Shoks in it, but I've heard its not great stuff. Latest thing I read was that it was advisable to just use standard FMJ ammo because HPs didn't penetrate far enough to be effective.
Hydra-Shoks in general are not very good loads. Chances are that with the HS JHPs, they'll actually clog up with heavy clothing and act more like a FMJ. We used to use HS JHPs for duty before we started using the HSTs. The HS performed very poorly in our tests with a lot of issues with jacket separation, fragmentation and clogging. It's better than nothing, though.

If I were to carry a .380, I'd likely carry the following:
CorBon 80gr DPX
Remington 102gr Golden Saber
Hornady Critical Defense 90gr FTX

Truth be told, a .380 will likely perform okay in frontal shots on an adult or teenager of average or thinner build/stature. The issue is that we live in an overweight society, so it's helpful to have the ability to punch through the blubber.
One tactic that I would recommend working on with the .380 are failure drills. Practice following up chest shots with brain shots. Assume that the .380 will fail to stop the threat right away, and be capable of immediate transition to the brain stem.

Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
Double sidebar: What are you equipping your wives or girlfriends with? The Ruger LCP .380 is very slim,but if its "not good enough for me" being a 380,is it good enough for Her? I've been looking at pocket carrys like the LCP, Or going sub compact like the Berretta Nano in 9mm,or the G26. She has little firearms experience and is just starting training and CCW licence process.
It depends on the skill level of the female. All females in my agency shoot .40S&W, so I have no doubt that a typical female can handle a 9mm. personally, I would have more concern about my wife using a sub-optimal caliber like .380 or .32. Those loads are best described as "better than nothing". The key is to determine what gun size is best for the shooter. There are plenty of guns in 9mm that are almost on par with .380s for size.

Some people have a tendency to avoid small guns because they can't control them too well. These people are generally the same ones who will get those guns for their womenfolk. There's nothing wrong with a subcompact or pocket rocket pistol, but if you can't control it, she probably can't either. Food for thought.
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