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Yo Louie, you have an amazing way of making yourself look stupid with your jabbing comments. But I'm certainly entertained. Should you have actually read the post, I'm representing another owners car not mine. I'm truly honored you've been searching out my posts to find something character damaging. Keep looking, this one didn't work. You'll discover I help people and enjoy sharing information. In your case, I simply made a joke about a carbon fiber glovebox door. It was meant to be funny but you got all "butt-hurt". This forum is a blend of experience and spans several age groups. Nobody likes this drama so give it up or bow out gracefully. The "General" forum is chuck full of mods you can go crazy with. They might even take on a good banter with you if that's what your looking for?

To be clear, some of us hang out here to get away from the Halo's, LED tails, tinting, intakes and endless bolt-on world in the General forum. It's old news and some (like me) poke fun to get laughs from the old guys. Don't take it personally.
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