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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
Either keep it in place or move towards Federally set election laws that all States must abide by. Voter suppression is a reality and it was evident in tactics used by the GOP in 2012.
Someone forgot to take their meds. If you look at facts from the 2012 election you'll find numerous examples of voter turnout that exceeded the number of registered voters and all of them are in districts that Obama won. There are numerous examples of democrat election judges refusing to allow republican judges access as required by law. Wonder why? If the GOP is suppressing votes they sure suck at it.

Furthermore, every election cycle you hear about how the democrats are deliberately trying to suppress overseas ballots for our military. In 2012, they sent out absentee ballots after the deadline. They do crap like this all the time. Do tell me again how it is the GOP and not the Dems that try and suppress the vote?

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