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Originally Posted by mtgswede View Post
Not even the democrats will touch Obama's budget so don't blame it just on the republicans. Perhaps if we had a better president we'd have a better budget. I suggest you do more research before trying to defend this demagogue who does nothing but give partisan speeches.

Here's an example of his so called budget proposal last year. It's a complete joke just like always. You should be thanking republicans and democrats that derailed this disaster not blaming them.

Feel free to post an analysis that praises any of Obama's ridiculous budget proposals that actually contains facts if you can.
Originally Posted by caleb6 View Post
Its called So sick of all the misinformation, like the link above, from both sides.

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Originally Posted by mtgswede View Post
No kidding Sherlock, and you still think Obama's budgets are great? Maybe you should get your own head examined. Please try and debunk anything that was said in the link I provided
Originally Posted by caleb6 View Post
Well window licker, I didn't say they were great, but if you are going to put up a link to an obviously ultra conservative site and then say "hey everybody, look at these facts about Obama's budget and how much it sucks", well then you need help, just like those that read it and go, Yeah, man he's an idiot.

But then again, I guess that's what the conservatives think we all are right, idiots. WRONG.
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