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If you ask us what is the best combo for a beginning and you know you gonna get a Sony, why even ask? I honestly would find a camera that fits your wife's needs. And use your Sony discount to buy you something. If she is someone who is visual, she might not like Sony. I know I don't like Canon menus, eventhough I'm a tech head the Canon menus I cannot dig in and use them. Nikon appeals to me more visually. Plus I know I'm gonna be using it more and learn more about photography. Sony is okay if you like using Minolta cameras. Most of your answers will be either Canon or Nikon because these cameras has a wide range of lenses to choose from and gives you more DSLRs to choose from. Their older bodies are even great to shoot with. Canon 20D or Nikon D80 will work for a beginner who wants to start in photography. If you want newer Canon T4i or Nikon D7000 (D90).

I don't like the entry level camera cause they are limited. You spend more time in camera changing your setting. With a camera like Canon 60D or 7D and Nikon D7000 or D90 you can change your settings with the buttons location on the top of the camera. Having quick access to your settings, you won't missed the shot. Better battery life especially when shooting video.

If you must get her a Sony.. go with this
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