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Thanks for the replies! I was leaning towards the TB as well. When I first bought the car I literally replaced every vacuum line and intake boots to try and eliminate that possibility when I was fixing the original idle issue. I noticed a little while ago that the cars RPM would fluctuate while coasting. This improved once I put the new ICV but it still happens although very small movement on the tach. The TB was pretty much spotless when I took it off for the head swap, so I am certain the previous owner cleaned it, but I am curious if it is just bad and not throwing a code. I am going to double check the wires tomorrow to see if there are any cracks or splits.

I just replaced the steering angle sensor and had it coded because that is what the dealership originally told me the issue was and once I got DIS running it confirmed.

Does INPA or DIS have any tests for the TB to see if it is the issue?

Thanks again for your help!
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