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It really depends on the person, but it sounds like you want a Sony. If she's wanting to get into photography then she'll want something that she can change the important stuff easily with....

Originally Posted by saxual328ci View Post
I don't like the entry level camera cause they are limited. You spend more time in camera changing your setting. With a camera like Canon 60D or 7D and Nikon D7000 or D90 you can change your settings with the buttons location on the top of the camera. Having quick access to your settings, you won't missed the shot. Better battery life especially when shooting video.
I agree. the D3000 and D5000 kind of suck because it seems like they expect you to slide it into auto mode (or some "scene" bs) and leave it there. That's not learning photography that's just posing with a fancy camera.

OP just get her a basic kit lens to start. The basic 18-55 or so lens is great because its cheap, convenient and will be a good starting point.

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