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Originally Posted by sstackman View Post
I'd be curious to learn on the o2's operation with live data during driving . Not an expert on what you should be seeing there so Im gonna watch what more knowledgble people come back with on this . Ofcoarse tire pressures and air filter condition would be the first things Id look at. Kicking it into nuetral though on down hills I would exercise caution with this however. While I don't have alot or , should say any experiance with the BMW transmissions specifically. The engine drives the automatic trans fluid pump. When you are going at a given speed say 60 mph then kick the engine into nuetral you slow the pump down. However as you coast along in nuetral the internals of the trans are still going at speed driven by the driveshadt but now with reduced pressure from the pump. In short bursts I dont suppose it will hurt but I'm tld by my friends in the trans rebuild profession not to do this . Just something to consider .
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