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My Ride: 2002 325xi
Took the car out for around a 50 mile drive. EML, Traction, Brake and ABS came on about 15 minutes into the ride. Stopped for a few minutes at a store, started car, all lights were out. About a minute after starting, all lights came back with the SES light on now. Drove for a while, no change. Every time I turned the car off, lights (excluding SES) go out, and come back after about a minute of driving.

I am wondering if all of this could be caused by a bad battery? I have heard low voltage can cause all sorts of issues. I am going to break out the voltmeter tomorrow and test it.

From what I keep seeing, it appears there is definitely some component in the CAN system causing the issue if the battery doesn't end up being the cause. I am looking for a way to test the entire system to try and pinpoint it.

One strange thing, once it happens, if I am driving and need power, the trans does not kick down, it just hangs the gear unless I pump the gas a couple times, then it finally kicks down.

Thanks again for everyone's help,

Here is the new scan from when I got home

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