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Cold Start problems

Hello everyone.

Have been experiencing cold start problems only in the winter. Summers and warm temps. No issues. When too cold or the car has stayed out idle for long in cold it won't start. The temperature gauge shots to red and remains for a while when turn the ignition to on position. The temperature gauge comes back to cold and then the fuel pump kicks in and lights on the dash flicker. The needle shoots to red again and stays there for a while. The whole process repeats a few times depending on how long the car stayed out in cold. Once the gauge settles on blue (as it should since the car is cold) the pump kicks in intermediately and dash lights flicker in between (not one continuous heesing sound as it should) once the dash lights have stopped then the car will start in one crank. I had a bit of leak in the coolant sensor in the lower rad hose. Replaced it and also did a coolant flush while at it. There is no check engine light and used peake tool to scan and no error showing.

Anyone with any ideas? Would really appreciate some help here. Thanks
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