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I know this one, and the solution in my case wasn't cheap (replace DME). When you turn the key to position two (just before you go a bit farther to crank the engine), your "check engine light" should come on and the temp gauge should immediately go back down to blue. If this doesn't happen, it means the DME computer isn't online and the engine won't start. Sounds like yours loses connectivity for a while (temp gauge in the red, no start), and then comes online sporadically (temp gauge moves to left, pump primes, and engine starts). Mine would consistently not start in the cold for days, and then one day it would suddenly fire up. Check my thread here: for the whole tale.

I would be curious to see if you could try the "hairdryer to heat up the DME" to see if it starts (take off the DME compartment cover in the engine bay and just blow the hot air onto the DME unit for a few minutes). I considered installing a hair dryer in the dme compartment rather than spending the $1000 to get a refurbished DME coded for my car (just kidding).

See this thread for info on the company I bought the DME from: . There are other options (as mentioned in the thread), but since you are in Canada too then RPM might be a good option for you. At least you can order one of their "off the shelf" keys-EWS-DME packages for your 325 while mine was a special order (MS45 ECU on M54 engine)
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