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Originally Posted by DangerousMind View Post
At a friend's ranch, there are trails that go up into the back of the property and there are a lot of ruts from water erosion that go across the trail. My friend who owns the ranch has an 87 Toyota pickup with 32" tires and a mechanical rear locker and he could pretty much make it all the way up the trail in 2wd while my friend with the 2007 Tacoma had trouble with the ruts in 4wd. It wasn't very steep or anything, just the fact that the truck would lift a wheel or be teetering on the FR and RL wheels or vice versa.

This type of thing:
Makes sense, a locker is needed if you are getting into situations where wheels will be off the ground. I haven't done anything extreme in my truck as its my DD, but I havent had any issues the couple times I've gone offroading, mostly in mud and on some decent inclines and declines, and it is a beast in the snow.
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