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Originally Posted by GDubois View Post
camshaft position sensor.
My thoughts exactly. Just replaced mine as it was doing the exact same thing.
Originally Posted by 330iPilot View Post
That would throw a code
Mine did not initially throw a code. Once the problem became bad enough it eventually threw a SES light and a code directing me to the proper sensor/bank.
Originally Posted by 330iPilot View Post
Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Got a intake cam pos sensor code. Ordered an OEM ONE from Pelican for $55. That better solve the issue dammit!
Glad you found your problem. My power increased significantly after I replaced mine. But after spending the last week reading this forum I've come to the conclusion that I should be preparing to do all sorts of other maintenance and I expect she's gonna run even better!

EDIT: mine has not died once since I replaced the CPS.

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