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I think next step would be to get those codes and post them here. Also if you could clear the codes, once car is hot and see if they are any codes coming back. Record those so you know which codes are actually causing the light to come on when car is hot. Also it will turn off on it's own after so many miles made with no fault registered, but if it's coming back, that means there is problem that needs to be fixed. Even if light is not on, it should be stored in ecu memory, so you should be able to read them.
for long time I couldn't figure out how to test the intake for leaks. It is actually simple thing to do. I remove air filter and housing. Then I remove MAF sensor and put the plastic bag over the boot with some elastics so it's air tight. It doesn't have to be strong as we talking about small air pressure here. Then I remove the service cap, it's the rubber cap on the service port on back side of the intake manifold. (Let me know if you need photos). I put hose about 3-4 feet long on the port so I can start blowing some smoke into it. This is the time where you open beer and light up your cigar or cigarette . Blow some smoke into it, you should feel pressure buildup. close the end of the hose with your thumb and hold for 10 seconds. when you let it go it should push some smoke back, if it doesn't, you most likely have leak somewhere. If leak is big enough, you will notice where is coming from, as smoke will start showing. Let me know if you need more help.
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