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First off, GREAT post! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Quick background....I have an '02 M3 with 88,000 miles one it, completely stock. A few minor fixes (wheel bearings, bushings, etc...maintenance stuff really). The dealership did put a new clutch in at 40k miles (under warranty) but besides that she's been perfect. I drive easy. Never been tracked or abused. Most of the miles are commute freeway miles. I did all of your tests and everything is fine. Pump runs for 7 seconds, no flashing on the dash board when shifting into 1 or N, etc. Also, the hydraulic fluid is 1.5" past the 'max' line in the reservoir.

The past month to month and a half I have been having an issue with what feels like clutch slipping but have a hard time believing it's the clutch. The current clutch has less the 50k miles on it (grandpa miles at that!). When the car is cold or has been sitting 30 min or so the problem seems to happen. After it warms up it's almost gone. So here's the issue....I leave my house and as I drive down the city street as soon as I take my foot completely off the gas after 3-5 seconds the tach will drop to idle rpm (900 or so). It does not shift to neutral on it's own but sorta feels like I did. As soon as I give it a little bit of gas it pops back to the appropriate rpm (2500-3000ish). As long as I have my foot into it the problem doesn't persist. Now let's say I'm on the freeway....I'm cruising at 65-70mph and I slightly take my foot off the gas, but not all the way off, and it pops out of gear and since my foot is still slightly on the gas it will rev higher than what the rpm are suppose to be. As soon as I hit the gas, down shift with a paddle, etc it will pop right back into the appropriate gear. The whole time this happens it never shifts into N or another gear. It feels like I shifted in N but the dash board stays in the appropriate gear.

What do you think? I tried the soft reset a handful of times and it took care of the bucking from a stop but not the 'slipping issue'. I had a forum recommended BMW mechanic that was very hip on all the pump issues etc scan it with what he said was a BMW scanner and no codes came up. No lights on the dash have ever popped up! Also, the first time I ever felt this happen was 1 mile after I put new rear tires on. I also went from the stock 35 series to a taller 40 series.

I have an AE but only have the Ford package (I own 6.0 diesel that has a ton of issues). Can I get the BMW software and wire connections with out spending an arm and a leg?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
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