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Originally Posted by Toxic0n View Post
Like I responded to you in the PM, your ****ing email was not working and proof is below. So don't go around calling me a deadbeat when your **** don't work.
I am not sure why you were expecting FLAWLESS tail lights when it clearly states they were used with pictures provided. Just because you took some pictures next to a white sheet of paper does not make them "garbage". There was no leaking of any kind when I took them off my car.
I've sold and bought numerous things on these forums and have not had any complain except you. You got your money back, but going forward you may want to tone down the rudeness and the whining in your emails. Calling my items trash does not make it easier for you to get refunded.
Originally Posted by Toxic0n View Post
I did not rip anyone off. Buddy with 50 posts to his name got his money back after complaining to Paypal that my tail lights were "Not as described" even though I provided pictures. Not sure what exactly what he was expecting from used tail lights, but it appears he didn't get what he wanted. I sent him the wrong corner by accident and offered a refund for that as well as half the shipping, but he just went on calling my items garbage. I gave him a deal for buying 3 things at once as well as lost money on shipping, I think my refund offer was more than fair.
YHPM, but I guess we are airing our dirty laundry in public. You posted my email address openly on a forum.

-Your pictures were strangely exposed and you described the lenses as "great". They do look good in your pictures, but the ones I received will be tossed if I cannot return them. As my posted picture shows: they are in rubbish condition (I will throw them in the garbage if I cannot send them back to you since you have "moved", although I do not know why you would want them). You have not even asked for them back after I have been refunded by PayPal; I hope not at their expense. "when [my] **** don't work."? That is the **** you sent me that you are talking about.

-You did not communicate with me in PM and you did not communicate with PayPal in the dispute process (at least not that they posted for me to read). I sent you emails from a couple accounts (please do not post the other one as well) and one of them could not handle the large images. Just the same: my PM box here was silent for weeks.

-The last PM I got from you was three weeks ago when I informed you that I was inclined to file a dispute with PayPal and you responded with "good luck with the dispute. I'm sure you will get your money back and don't worry about mailing the package back as I'm moving... I hope paypal agrees with you". Yet now you are posting public complaints about my filing of that dispute.

-You did not give me a much deal for the three items that I am aware of: I paid your listed prices plus $10 for shipping. Maybe you should not have declared them at twice the price I paid you for them. All the same, I still wish to send these things back to you at my expense, but I'll declare zero value.
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