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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
On a more serious note, are you pushing yourself super hard in the gym? I pushed myself way too hard in my early- and mid-20s and it impacted my health (got colds and stuff all the time.) You might just be pushing yourself too hard - lifting too much, not resting enough, not eating well enough, etc.

Sometimes in life, the "less is more" approach really works.
I think I am pushing myself too hard. I often find myself sweating profusely with little to 0 cardio involved in a workout. I'll probably get back to a 5x5 routine again and stick to 6 or less lifts a day. I usually only end up with 6 hours a day to rest as well... gonna try to bump it up to 8 once I get better and start lifting again. Going to take cold showers more often as well.

As of right now my diet consists of breakfast/lunch/dinner. I don't eat out often and drink at least 1/2 gallon of milk, 1/2 gallon of water, and at least 2 cups of OJ a day. For breakfast I have at least 2 eggs and toast. Sandwiches for lunch, and home cooked meals for dinner.

I work as a server at a restaurant many shifts a week so I'm probably just getting sick often from all the flu and cold bugs that have been going around this season.

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