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Here's a pic of me last night before working out. Not impressive by any means but eating as much as I have been and gaining as quickly as I am this makes me happy not to look "fat".

I probably went from 167-179 in 2 months.

My diet pretty much look like this and is actually pretty crappy compared to what I'd suggest to most.

Greek yogurt and green tea around 9am

Huge lunch around 2 consisting of lots of meat, brown rice potatoes or pasta. Olive oil.

Pwo whole milk and nestle quick shake around 730

Another huge meal around 830 or 9 which is very similar to lunch.

I do not eat very often at all. But I will snack on anything. If I see cookies I am eating them. I just have been literally eating to the point of almost vomiting. Whole pizzas, 1lb chicken and rice meals, 17 pancakes in a single sitting etc. I order huge portions and watch my friends in awe as I house these meals lol. My goal now is 185 by April 20th. I don't know if ill hit it but ill try my best. I do plan on adding an avocado a day and a pre bed shake of whole milk, pb and casein protein. I have a cruise on may 24th so I will pretty much keep eating like I am but maybe a little less and I'll be adding condition and cardio workouts in. Hopefully a quick morning 15m HIIT sprint around my neighborhood and a PM Strength and conditioning training session

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