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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post

M54B30 should be more or less a direct swap, and almost all of the wiring is already in place if he uses the MS43 ECU. Only wiring he'd have to add is for the electronic pedal.

ZHP did come with the MS45... but he can run it off an MS43 just fine. The ECU should be able to adapt to the (slightly) hotter cams. He could raise the rev limiter to 6800 if he wants. And if he really wants, he could try tuning the base maps to accommodate the hotter cams
Bringing this up again, have found a few threads of people doing the same thing I'm trying to do...'cept they don't provide much detail. Couple questions if anyone knows.......

1. I'd much prefer to NOT use TBW set up and stick with the manual 323i pedal. However, does that mean I'm stuck with the 323i TB? I'm not familiar enough with the TB's to know and I don't have the 330 TB yet.

2. So ABS is not a concern here? I plan to ditch the ASC, car has no AC already (and won't, it's a track car), not concerned about EWS or security other than the car must start and run). Hopefully this limits the pain of all the wiring disparities I will face.

I'd love to simply run my current 323i DME (which has a Conforti Shark Injector tune), especially if it simplifies things. But I'm concerned about not being able to take advantage of all the power available. I might be willing to lose a little for the sake of less complexity but I'd definitely want to understand this.

Thanks for any input, I'll definitely document this for others once I get going on it.

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