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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Not if you follow my guide haha. But I don't even, I've drank and ate shitty at least once a week for past 8 months. Interested to try it when I actually have a six pack after summer. Slower than typical bulk but better IMO.

Solly I think if you didn't have the volume / conditioning workouts you'd weigh even more... In the wrong way lol. That or your meals are less than you think, but sound pretty heavy in calories.
I don't do any conditioning at all right now. Or really for the past 2 months. The most exhilarating thing I do is a clean and press and that's about 6 sets of 3 just done quickly. Maybe the higher volume stuff is keeping it off for me. Today is going to be killer and I am doing 50 box jumps for time which is the most conditioning I've done in a while.

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