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After a year, I am posing details of my setup.

My setup in detail:

ebay cable that splits 30 pin to USB and 3.5mm male jack.
ebay iPhone cigarette lighter USB charger

radio shack 3.5mm female jack mounted inside the glovebox.

cigarette lighter USB charger connected(soldered with an inline fuse) to an empty slot in the fuse box and grounded to a screw near the glovebox.

Aux mechanism made with this DIY with resistors and capacitors.

Works fine and siri makes it easier for making voice calls while in music or GPS mode.

Tomtom GPS app is awesome. Maps are loaded directly from iPhone so no data usage. Lets you listen to music while the GPS app is on and music is faded or paused(accroding to what you select) when GPS lady speaks.
Its a battery hog though, so have to have a USB functionality.

Ordering a lighting to USB cable with audio for iPhone 5, the one I ordered didnt work with audio.

This is the shot of my old 3GS resting on the ashtray. I added the vent mount later for the same.

The adapter that only charges but doesnt do audio, connected to my old 30 pin cable. I bought it because it was black and matched my setup. Dont mind the plastic wrap its long gone, I took a picture as soon as I unwrapped the package and wanted to test it.

(this adapter is being replaced by the one that outputs analog audio soon, just ordered one but in white ).

This is how my iPhone 5 gets mounted now.

Sorry, I took pictures with my Phone, so the mount is empty.

I prefer vent mount because I use siri to make calls and use GPS most of the time. iPhone microphone picks up the sound really well even from the driver's seat and car speakers gets used as speakers.

I am trying to make a mechanism to make the steering phone button to activate siri with bluetooth.
Going to order this:

May be try to open the remote and make the siri button myself.
I know this is the most viable solution, but to crack open a new remote and steering wheel is something I am weary to do.
If someone can chime in with pin diagrams where steering wheel talk button ends to, I might want to try to do a little more research on it???? I believe they end at the radio harness, but not sure.

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