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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
They were in stock the other day, I'm sure they're out now. No one needs to be paying hilarious amounts for mags.....just gotta search around. I've got a half dozen steel 30rnd mags arriving on Monday that I got for $15/mag. Brand new.
Agree with you, but OP can sell them for whatever he can get for them. He is right about how much they are for on eBay. I just got 10 windowed magpul 30 round clips for a steal. I ordered them in Dec, but waited a few months.

I'll be putting some of mine on eBay to see if they sell. If people want to pay retarded prices for things then let them.

Everyone remembers the tablet that was selling for $99 and people tried to hoard them and flip them for $200/$300 a pop...
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