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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
I vote 13" center lock Dayton's... lightweight wheels will bring those MPG's up!!!

honesty, my grandpa had one of those back in the 80s. They are ridiculously HUGE!

In all seriousness, I would rock a set..

No updates on the 323i, it hit 165k miles and is running as if it is brand new. Both the BMW dealer and the local BMW performance repair shop loved the touring and they said it is in ana amazing state considering it is 13 years old!

I did get a scanner/programmer though. I am going to disable my DRL's, and enable the 5 (or 10?) mph auto-door lock. I may also disable the bulb out warnings on my car, I bought some LED bulbs (wich are awesome) but they throw a error code on this car..
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