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Originally Posted by lamsv View Post
Has anybody tried cutting of the RCA plugs from this Axxess harness, and getting it to work? It has a ground and power source wire so you can charge your iPod. I would assume using the 30pin connector helps with sound compared to the headphone jack too.
Not sure about the particular product but the quality of audio will be a lot nicer from the 30 pin output than the 3.5mm output.
30 pin output gives line level outputs while the 3.5mm headphone out gives you auxiliary out put.

Just do what I have in my above post.
That would make your installation much more flexible as you will have a USB socket and aux in socket separate. You can use them for two different devices at the same time and if you decide to change the phone/input you can always use the USB and aux with a similar Y-cable.
Not to mention it will be cheaper.
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