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I donít know if this has already been discussed here, but I bought my car in December 316i 1999 model, and up until Friday I realised that the carís engine management light does not come on at all, I tried to disconnect a few sensors from the engine bay including the MAF Sensor and still the light didnít come on, though the engine was so shaky after disconnecting the sensors. I have removed the Instrument Cluster to check for bulbs only to find that thereís LEDís instead of bulbsÖ.
Why I was looking for management light is because since I bought the car, the car has never run smooth, it feels like itís a bit shaky or judders sometimesÖI really donít know.
Has this happened to anyone before (the light not coming on I mean)? I have other cars too and the light comes on every time I turn the ignition to on, start the car and the light goes off.
Please help i tried on bimmer forums and been a week now no replies maybe i offended
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