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Originally Posted by willmkent View Post
damn, i mean I thought that was somewhat of a myth. I know this thread is probably beating a dead horse but, it cant be that much. what needs to be done other than regular oil changes and proper flushes of the systems at certain intervals. I have enough money to do whats proper on these cars, I just cant find the explanation to the dollar amounts that I read about.
$1000 / year really isn't a lot. I would be really happy if that's all my maintenance cost me.

On both my ZHP and M3, I went through a set of tires a year, and that's about $1200 each time. And there's plenty of other crap to do on top of the tires

I'd say I averaged $2000/year on the ZHP and $3k / year on the M3. And at least with the M3, it doesn't look like that figure will let down any time soon. I'm going to have to do my control arms and bushings soon. I really should do a subframe reinforcement. I have a valveadjustment coming up in 7k miles. And by the time I fix all that stuff, I'll probably have to change the clutch, knowing my luck.

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