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Originally Posted by wallyworld View Post
Da bears maybe i need to read back a little further but how did you come up with your programming? did you make it up or was there a template you are following. have you thought about doing wendler's 5/3/1?
Soon kushy soon lol.

I made it up combining principles of starting strength, reverse pyramid, and just random knowledge.

I've never actually looked into 5/3/1 but I did and it's funny how similar the thinking is with the compound lifts and minimalistic approach. I don't think I would go for a straight powerlifting setup yet, I like having the initial heavy set then going up in reps/down in weight so I get to a per exercise rep number of around 25-30, which works great for me (and from everything I've researched this is a pretty good number for many others as well)

My routine in case you didn't scroll back that far

Day 1
Squats 5,6,7,8 reps
Rom. Deadlifts 10,10,10
Calf Raises 15,15,15

Day 2
Bench Press 5,6,7,8
Incline db 8,8,6
Push-ups as finisher

Day 3
Deadlift 5,6
OHP 5,6,7 (this is enough to fatigue me)
Chin-ups 8,8,6
Pendlay Rows 8,8,6
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