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Originally Posted by BlendZen View Post
Love the white.

I'm in Portland and I'm surprised this car is still for sale, I think I saw it around 2-3 weeks ago when I finally pulled the trigger on mine. I've had a ZHP alert on my craiglist app (it's nice that that letter combination rarely comes up for anything else) for close to 9 months and and don't think I've seen a white one in Portland or Seattle (one in Spokane). And I've maybe seen one that was less then 100k and less then $15k. So, my too good-to-be-true-flag is going off, especially with the lack of 5 minutes taken to give some nicer pictures.

That said, if you're in the market take a look at it, it's getting harder and harder to find sub 100k zhps (MT no less) in the NW. With the taxes you'd have to pay though, it's probably not much different then a $15k zhp in Seattle.

Do you really have that high of taxes in the NW? 2k for a 9 year old car? Good god. I got my 04 zhp coupe with same options and a few more with 62k on the odometer for 14k last march. I believe with sales tax and personal property tax we have down here in SC I was still around the 700 dollar range. If the tax rate is that much higher no way I will transfer through work to the NW.

Also thigh support golden, steering wheel looks like mine, oily. Getting to that DIY cleaning this weekend.

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