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Thanks for the feedback. I'm the person with the leak from a few posts above.
I spent yesterday evening simply figuring out how to get my car off the street and into my garage (tow straps, pushing/pulling, etc.) so, tonight I'll get it up on jack stands and hopefully track down the exact source of the leak. I feel fortunate that this leak didn't occur while driving down the road and that I noticed the leak right away.

I'm going to spend some time today looking either for local transmission shops or a place to buy a re-manned unit just in case the problem with mine ends up requiring a new tranny.

I would be up for trying the replacement myself.....Does anyone know where to buy re-manned transmissions (mine is the A5S360R). Also, does anyone know of any BMW-trained transmission shops in Columbus, Ohio just in case I need to go that route?
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