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I think you're trolling for bites. But giving you the benefit of the doubt here:

- The M3 is a high strung performance car, they are finicky at the best of times. A LPG conversion involves a different tune, ignition leads have to be thicker, different spark plugs. Does that sound like something the S54 will be happy with?
- They need to be tuned regularly. The instant things start going out of tune, the car will run horribly.
- Falcondores have basic engines designed to last nearly forever and run into the ground, so they're more receptive to anything.
- Do you know how heavy those LPG tanks are? That'll negate the whole performance side of things.
- Have you factored installation costs? I'm willing to suggest that you will have to really rack up the miles before you start seeing a return.
- Also when the tune goes out of whack, that's when the backfires start and airboxes start imploding.

For the minor savings, added weight and headaches it's not worth it mate.

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