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Originally Posted by saxual328ci View Post
I totally agree that the 330 is the better value. I was actually looking for one but couldn't fine any that was clean, that was manual and had the sports package. Coming from driving a 2000 328ci I wanted to move to a 330ci. When I had my 328ci, side by side, it looked better than the 323ci. The 323ci and 325ci look more like an Accord when they don't have any packages and they ride kinda blah. (meaning okay)

Driving this 325ci I do notice it feels a tad bit slower going from 1st to 2nd gear. I lol cause these cars are still fast, just some are fast'errrrr. lol As for gas mileage, I'm still getting the same mileage 26-27mpg. I've only gotten 31-32 mpg maybe 5 times in my 328ci and that was when I drove non-stop on the highway. I bet I can get 31mpg in this 325ci.

Looking at PKR invoice I was robbed. But then again the 330cic starts off at $43,600 and the 325ci $30,500 Sports Package w/o sports suspension ... 330 better deal

Bottom line, they are all great cars, some just better than others. And if I were looking for a used one, I'd rather have a 325 in better condition than a 330 in poorer. And either one rather than a Honda!
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