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Experience with Umnitza.. Brutal

Hey guys,

Just want to share with you my experience so far with Umnitza. It hasn't been the most pleasent. Normally I never share feedback on businesses because I run 2 businesses of my own and I know how tough it can be sometimes to stay on top of things. Mistakes happen and I understand, but this has not been sub par it's been frustrating for me.

On Jan. 27th 2013 I put in an order for a few things for my new E46 M3 that I just bought in December (love it). I'd heard lots of great things about Umnitza and all the reviews say their angel eyes are the best (They are) which was what I was mainly interested in. Anyway, I put in my order near the end of January. While checking out, the website quoted me 5-7 business days which is quite reasonable. I patiently waited 3 weeks and still nothing had come. At this point I contacted Umnitza and they admitted that my items had never been sent, and they'd missed my order.

This was quite frustrating and I asked them if they could do something to help give me confidence in their company i.e. maybe provide me with a small credit to their store or something ($20 would go a long way). They said no and they instead blamed long waiting times on customs at the boarder after already saying that my order was missed. Ok, whatever - as long as I get my stuff in a week I'm happy.

a little less than 2 weeks later I received a package in the mail. Ok great it's finally here. Nope, only 1/3 of the products I ordered came in the package. Now I was quite upset. It'd now been just over a month and they had to resend my package and forgot 2/3's of what I'd ordered. I sent them a message saying that they forgot 2/3 items in the new package sent to me. They responded telling me that all the items had been shipped separately Completely unsure as to why a business would ship 3 very small items in separate packages, I presumed this was an excuse. We're talking angel eyes, front black grilles and side black grilles. All of which could fit into one medium-small box.

Anyways, they told me to be patient and that all was well. Another 3 weeks passes by and I'm not convinced. I sent them an email Wednesday and have received nothing back. If I were them I'd be giving me a full refund and sending the items for free at this point. We are going onto week 7, and closing in on 2 months waiting time for a quoted "5-7 business days"

They even told me in a following email that 3 weeks is the expected waiting time to ship to Canada where I live. Well then post that in the order area instead of giving people the false impression of 5-7 quoted shipping time!

The only thing I did receive was my angel eyes and the quality is EXCELLENT. So I am not bias, just stating fact. But overall, not acceptable.

Not very impressed. Please share experiences you've had with Umnitza.

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