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Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
Welcome to the club. Ive been mentioning for years how he (Matt) STOLE $170 of my money.

Take it as an expensive lesson and go through one of many other trusted vendors. Don't trust anything said by Umnitza, they are professional liars and in my view a scam company at this point.
Having done some limited research on your posts with our name in it on this forum, it's clear you have felt all along that we wronged you in some way, though you never had any receipt, proof, or even a shipping receipt to back up your claims.

You lament this fact, however should you have ANY actual proof that what you said was true, we would honor any claims you have. Without that, you are just making false statements.

Originally Posted by DarkJoker View Post
same here
i had issues as well

I found only one claim of bad shipping. Since we are moving away from Greyhound in the next few months and using Pilot Freight, those shipping issues with Bumpers will slowly fade away. We work to ensure every bumper is packaged properly and handed to Greyhound as quickly as possible, however, from there, many issues can arise from rogue GPX agents not calling people, to incoherent routes taken by buses to the final destinations, etc.

We've shipped over 5000 bumpers with GPX over 2 years, so a fair amount of issues will naturally crop up due to human error, sorry about that.

Originally Posted by :. RaFFi .: View Post
I've had similar problems with their shipping.
Please email us so we can better understand your issues.

Originally Posted by BruceWonder View Post
i swear these guys dont even have inventory. They prob drop ship or bid on eBay then ship them out to you guys afterwards. Buy from EAS or Khoality if you want quality service
Actually, we house 99% of the inventory you need for E46s. We don't have as much inventory on headlights for a GMC Denali in house, but we do a lot of parts and anyone that has visited our shop over the last year will attest to this.

Originally Posted by Hockeyguy02 View Post
I too had the same problem. Not nearly as bad as you though. I order Orion v2 angel eyes and eagle eye tails. 5-7 days shipping they said. I got my eagle eye tails about a month in. Emailed them asking if they forgot my order and they also explained that they don't ship items together. Another 2 weeks went by and I finally got my package. The quality is great I'm very happy with them. But the shipping blows.
Sorry to hear of the delay, it's possible that we simply ran out of stock this one time and had to wait for a new shipment. If you email us your information, I'll be happy to provide you a free shipping discount code on your next order.
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